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Kathryn’s Korner: Would you buy a “Pikle” from you?

I would like each of you to ask yourself a very important question.  Would you buy a Pikle bag from you?  That may be a difficult question to answer but being honest is the first step towards your success.

Think for a moment about how you approach your hostesses and your customers.  Think about the words you use, your mannerisms and the tone of your voice when you interact with people.  If a salesperson like you approached you in a store would you notice and listen to them or would you choose to respond with “I’m just looking”?

The first step to successful selling is the true impression you give to your customers.  You are an important part of the product you sell…in fact you are the first part.  Understanding that if a customer doesn’t care for you they most likely won’t care for the product you are offering either.  Realize that people will most often purchase from someone who makes them feel comfortable.  Along with that they will be more open to telling their friends and family about their experience with you.

The following are four important areas that affect a customer’s initial impression of you:

  1. Non-verbal cues – Are they welcoming and authentic or do they tip off that you are in a hurry?
  2. Your voice – Do you speak in a humble-yet-confident tone or do you sound apologetic and unsure of yourself?
  3. Your approach – Do you introduce yourself and present a genuine, value-adding proposition or do you tend to rave about your product or service features?
  4. Your appearance – Does your appearance make your customers feel more or less comfortable about dealing with you?

I hope you will take a moment and assess yourself in each of the above-mentioned areas and commit to improving or working on any area of weakness.

Always remember, “A customer buys you first, then your product.”  Todd Duncan

Best wishes,
Kathryn Beeny
“In A Pikle” Field & Leadership Development

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